Sunday, 27 October 2013


Aliki had a traditional theme in mind 
we worked together with her to make 
a company of traditional costume dolls 
and 3 musical organs of Crete

the result was great! 
really really enjoyed making everything.

for Dafni

for little Dafni

flags garland for decoration

butterfly box

many thanks to Dafni's mom for great collaboration once more

for little Hlia

for little ilia we made Poseidon little dolls, 
pirates,sailors and heros.

big hero doll for the candle

cotton fabric shirt a yellow striped blouse 
and a fishing hat

a boat for the clothes


amazing inspiration from Dino's mother

all boys love dinos
we made one stegosaurus doll for Dino 
and one for his older brother

earthly colors ''martirika'' bracelets 

4 little finger puppet dinos
as a gift for the guests

moon and stars

inspired from the godmother 

cotton shirt and linen trousers 

perfect color combinations

circle dress

special order for a special 8 year old girl
liberty print full circle dress