Sunday, 27 October 2013

...for little George

this month we worked for little George! he wanted his christening theme to be navy inspired.

 we made blue paper boats and painted stoned as a wishing book

 a handmade organic soap and flagged looking pins 'martiriko'

 a big 3d cotton fabric boat-box for the clothes!

 the candle decorated with a boat mobilo

 the candy was in little white bags together with a small doll as a gift (whale, sailor fingerpuppet, boat) ''mpomponieres'' 

 origami fabric boats to decorate the tables

 white sailor cotton hut , with a white japanese shirt, a blue linen jacket ,  blue navy linen trousers and a cotton white-red striped t-shirt

the boat box opens like this!

:-) it was fun! thanks to little George and his mom for the inspiration!

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